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Carriage of dangerous goods policy

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The purpose of this policy is to clearly define LPG/Propane that are hazardous but which may - under certain conditions - be carried by Passengers on TT-Line Company Pty Ltd vessels.


This policy applies to all hazardous items carried or likely to be carried on the vessels by passengers in mobile homes, caravans, campervans, camper trailers, cars, trailers, motorbikes, bicycles or by foot passengers in personal baggage.

  1. Hazardous groups
    (a)* LPG cylinders
    * Propane cylinders
    * Pyrotechnics (boat) if sealed in packages and stowed within boat
    * Empty petrol/diesel containers
    (b)* Ethanol
    * Fireworks
    * Shellite
    * Turpentine
    * Home kerosene
    * Methylated spirits
    * Lamp oil
    * Paint thinners
  2. Loose gas bottles/BBQ bottles/camper stove bottles.

Items in category 1a may be carried but only under following conditions:

(i) LPG/Propane cylinders must comply with Australian Standards AS2468, AS2469, AS2470 (stamped on cylinder), max size 9Kg with date of inspection within 10 years. Shut off valve must be effective and cylinder must be stowed upright.

(ii) Propane cylinders may not be carried if connected to an appliance. Single use Propane cylinders that are pierced for use may only be carried if appropriately intact and not fitted to an appliance.

(iii) All items in listing (b) are not to be carried on board the vessel.

2b Fitted gas bottles - vehicle/caravan/campervan/mobile home systems

(i) For the purpose of this policy LPG powered vehicles that are approved and registered on Australian roads are deemed safe for carriage due to inbuilt safety factors of the vehicle LPG system.

(ii) Caravans, campervans, mobile homes, camper trailers which have fitted LPG systems must be checked and verified for compliance to 2a(i). (Single or multi cylinder systems).

(iii) In all cases LPG cylinders on these vehicles (item (ii)) must be isolated at the cylinder prior to boarding and remain so for the voyage duration.


2c LPG/Propane bottles located in passenger vehicles (as per 2a) are to be removed and placed in the TT-Line Company Pty Ltd vehicle for carriage on board by security personel. Just prior to completion of cargo operation stevedores will place the vehicle on the open section of Deck 5 aft as near as possible to the centre line. (Late passenger arrivals who have gas bottles may result in security personnel carrying items on board for placement in the designated vehicle on Deck 5 aft).

All passengers will be given a Passenger Baggage Tag by security personnel which will be fixed to the cylinder and collected at destination on production of ticket stub in the terminal as per baggage trolleys.

All LPG/Propane cylinders that do not comply with 2a(i) or 2a(ii) will not be allowed passage.

3a Empty Jerry Cans (Diesel/Petrol/Boat Fuel Containers) can only be carried under the following conditions:

i) Jerry cans and boat fuel containers that are fully welded at the seams (plastic or metal)

ii) Jerry cans and boat fuel containers must not be greater than 25 litre capacity.

iii) Sealing cap has locking side arms or screwed cap with an effective rubber seal.

iv) Jerry cans and boat fuel containers must be empty and dry of residual liquid.

Note: In the event a petrol/diesel can has residual fuel inside, and thereby may have a dangerous gaseous/air mixture, passengers should fill the canister with water before being allowed to travel and to remain with the passenger vehicle.

3b Canisters other than Metal/Jerry Cans/Plastic Fuel Containers or boat fuel containers as per 3a (i), (ii), (iii) are not allowed on board at any time.

4 LPG/Propane/Petrol/Diesel cylinders or containers must not be emptied by passengers in a manner that places TT-Line Company Pty Ltd property or other persons at risk.

TT-Line Company Pty Ltd will refuse passage to those who do not comply with this policy.

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