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Checking in

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Check-in time

Check-in commences 2.5 hours prior to departure. You must check-in no later than 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time to allow for completion of check-in and security procedures.

There is limited council parking available prior to checking in at Port Melbourne. In Tasmania, there is a free car park at the terminal.

Identification needed for check-in

Photo ID is required to check-in (eg drivers license). If you don't have photo ID, three forms of ID with your name are required (eg credit card, medicare card etc).

If you've booked a pensioner fare, the applicable passenger's Australian Pensioner Concession Card/s must be shown at check-in. Otherwise the difference between pensioner and adult fares will be payable.

Luggage restrictions

Your cabin contains bed linen, towels and soap. We recommend taking an overnight bag on board the ship with personal toiletries, medications and clothing. If you are traveling with an infant and have reserved a cot, you'll also need to bring linen for the cot.

If you are travelling without a vehicle, you are restricted to placing two items only on the baggage trolley.

If you are travelling with a vehicle, lock all your luggage inside the car taking only an overnight bag on board the ship. For security reasons there is no access to vehicles during the voyage.

Obtaining your cabin key

When you present your e-ticket you will receive a boarding pass and a ship directory with your cabin number and key card/s.

How to drive your vehicle on board

  • All passengers proceed to the vehicle check-in booth to check-in. Each passenger is provided with a boarding pass, cabin key and ship directory.
  • All passengers travelling with the vehicle remain in the vehicle for boarding via the vehicle deck.
  • Passengers drive their own cars on board the ship directed by crew.
  • Once the vehicle is parked, place in park/gear and engage the park brake. Note the deck number and position of the vehicle within the deck so that you can easily find your car on arrival.
  • On arrival, announcements are made regarding disembarkation. You will be called to your vehicle by deck numbers. When disembarking, do not start your engine until told to do so.
  • All passengers travelling with a vehicle disembark the ship with the driver.

Quarantine laws in Tasmania

Vehicles and luggage are subject to inspection prior to arrival in Tasmania. Vehicle inspections will take place in Melbourne prior to boarding and randomly in Devonport upon arrival. Any fruit, vegetables, plants, fish or fish products must be declared in Melbourne or you may face severe penalties. For further information visit the Quarantine website www.quarantinedomestic.gov.au or call 1300 368 550.

Checking in pets

If you have booked a kennel, at check-in our team will provide you with a yellow tag instructing you to proceed to the nearest kennel with your pet. Kennels are located on decks 3 and 5. At each kennel location, there is a combination of both large and small kennels. You can choose the most appropriate sized kennel for your pet.

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