27 August, 2020

St Helens Tassie’s Top Tourism Town 2020 – Gold winner

St Helens won the Gold in Tassie's Top Tourism Towns for 2020 – celebrating Tassie towns that offer an amazing visitor experience. 

Tassie’s Top Tourism Towns for 2020 revealed:

Gold – St Helens
Silver & Mercury Reader's Choice – Stanley
Bronze – Sheffield

Eleven finalists were shortlisted, you can find the full list here.

Find out why St Helens really is the coastal jewel in Tassie’s north-east crown below!

"As the sun rises in St Helens, the waters of Georges Bay are transformed with the reflection of ethereal amber, pink and violet hues that ripple with the gentle bobbing of moored boats. The tranquil silence of the morning only broken by the hum of a cray boat, the cry of a seagull or the distant ‘yiewwwwww’ from the local mountain bike trails.

Located 2hrs south of Launceston and 3hrs north of Hobart, the township of St Helens is nestled around scenic Georges Bay and is the largest township on the east coast of Tasmania."

Sunrise over Georges Bay (Image: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett)
Sunrise over Georges Bay (Image: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett)

"Once a busy fishing village, this picturesque town is now a tourism hotspot - once the word got out about the stunning scenery and lifestyle of the area, there was no stopping visitors from wanting to explore and immerse themselves in the enviable ‘coastie’ life… and really who can blame them.

The people of the coast are a chilled out and friendly crew that appreciate the simple things in life; Freshly caught cray and oysters, a refreshing morning surf before work and a hectic MTB ride in the afternoon all washed down with a craft beer. If you ask them nicely, they will share all their local secrets with you, so long as you promise not to tell a soul."

Family picnic (Image supplied by TICT)
Family picnic (Image supplied by TICT)

"As soon as you reach St Helens, take in a deep breath of salty fresh air and feel the anxiety and stress melt away – no really, its actual science and due to the negatively charged ions in the air. Created by the movement of water, the ions help release the ‘happy chemical’ serotonin. If it’s zen your looking for, you will reach nirvana in St Helens in no time.

You could lose countless hours gazing at the water fishing, whether on a boat, jetty, beach or estuary, or you could connect with the beautiful natural environment by exploring St Helens from the water by kayak. Land lubbers can enjoy a walk around Georges Bay multi-user track taking in the birdlife and serenity. Or maybe you are looking for something to get your heart racing…"

Relaxing at the beach (Image: Sean Scott)
Relaxing at the beach (Image: Sean Scott)

"If it’s adrenaline you are looking for, head up to the St Helens MTB trails. Built by internationally renowned trail builders World Trail, you can expect quality trails that emphasis the natural environment as well as your riding experience.. and the best thing… the trails can be ridden all year round and feature everything from beginner green trails to advanced black diamond gravity trails. So whether you are looking for a nice casual ride through the natural coastal bushland or a lot of downhill airtime, you will find a trail for you.

The St Helens trails even feature a purpose built trailhead with plenty of parking, amenities block, recreational space and even a café so you can rest in between rides and share your trail stories with other riders.

Whether its zen, fun or connection to the environment or the local ‘coasties’, St Helens will inspire, intrigue and keep you wanting to come back for more."

Copy and video supplied by TICT

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