16 September, 2020

Top 5 fishing spots in Tasmania

In addition to some of the planet’s most beautiful and diverse scenery, Tasmania features some of the world’s best fishing opportunities. The waters in and around the island are brimming with an abundance of spectacular marine species. Here's our list of the top 5 best fishing spots in Tasmania.

1. St. Helens

Nestled on the southwestern shore of Georges Bay, St. Helens is the epicenter of saltwater fishing in Tasmania, with great fishing year round. The sheltered and oxygen-rich waters of the bay, sea grass beds, lagoons and inshore reef systems offer a wide range of offshore and estuary species. Anglers can try their hand at hooking Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Australian Salmon as well as Garfish, Flathead and Bream.

Sunrise fishing over Georges Bay
Sunrise fishing over Georges Bay (Image: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett)

2. Tyenna River

A tributary of the famous Derwent River, the Tyenna River is a freshwater stream that boasts one of the highest concentrations of fish on the island. Rainbow and Brown Trout are popular targets. A favorite spot of fly fishermen, the river yields several catches over five kilograms each year to anglers using a variety of methods. A portion of the river runs through Mt. Field National Park, one of the most beloved scenic landscapes on the island.

Fishing in the Tyenna River
Fishing in the Tyenna River (Image: Tourism Tasmania & Veronica Youd)

3. Tasman Peninsula, Pirates Bay and Pedra Branca

Tasman Peninsula, Pirates Bay and Pedra Branca provide amazing game fishing opportunities due to the varied underwater terrains and proximity to the continental shelf. The most sought-after species is the Southern Bluefin Tuna. Several world-record catches have been hauled from these waters. Fishing from shore provides an opportunity to hook flathead, Australian Salmon and Squid.

Flathead fishing in Tassie
Flathead fishing (Image: Tourism Tasmania & Peter Morse, Wildfish)

4. Arthurs Lake

Open from August until May, Arthurs Lake is the island’s preeminent stillwater trout fishery. The clear water is filled with large weed beds and stands of dead trees. Located in the Highlands, the manmade lake features Brown Trout of varying sizes, including regular catches close to five kilograms. Anglers can use a variety of methods including lure, fly and bait fishing.

Fly fishing in Tassie
Fly fishing in Tassie (Image: Samuel Shelley)

5. Four Springs Lake

Four Springs Lake was created when the convergence of four creeks was dammed in the 1990s. A premiere fishery situated in natural surroundings, this quality lowland lake affords excellent opportunities aboard a boat or wading from shore. Anglers can use bait, lures or fly methods to hook brown and rainbow trout.

Brown Trout fishing in Tassie
Brown Trout fishing (Image: Samuel Shelley)

Whether trolling offshore or wading in a Highland stream, Tasmania provides anglers the opportunity to experience many of the world’s greatest and most easily accessible fisheries.


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