08 December, 2023

Your next summer adventure

Summer is here! With another year in the books, it’s time to enjoy the Australian summer and get on the road- whether you’re travelling to the mainland or exploring Tassie! We’ve pulled together this updated guide to help you jump into holiday mode without a hitch.
Mount Roland Conservation Area, Tasmania. Photo: Jess Bonde / Tourism Tasmania

For those who love to have a plan

Pointers from curated itineraries.

Curated itineraries take the guesswork out of what to see and do. Taking point from the experts, maximise your summer holiday experience by heading to the spots showcased in these aspirational adventures somewhere new.

Whether you’re a foodie, love a road trip, chase picture-perfect locations or love art, there’s an itinerary that suits the summer holiday you envision this year. That way if you’re travelling for a limited time — a few days or a couple of weeks — you’re making the most of your time before heading home.

Find the best itineraries online, at your accommodation, from a good mate or even aboard our ship at the Tourism Hub. The options are endless, and a good recommendation can never go wrong.

Love a good road trip? Check out these road trip itineraries! Whether you’re exploring Tassie or heading to the mainland, these road tips have you covered:

Explore Tassie

Take you car to tassie and explore Tasmania with one of our curated road trips.

Heading to the Mainland:

If your summer plans are to sail from Tassie to the mainland, here are some helpful blogs to get your started as you arrive at Spirit of Tasmania Quay in Geelong, Victoria.

Seven-day Great Ocean Road and Bellarine Peninsula road trip
Get the tunes ready, pack your gear and drive off into this 7-day itinerary that has you explore some of the best sites near Spirit of Tasmania Quay. Whether you're after some adventure, some amazing food, or some art and culture, this road trip has it all! 

Top stays around Geelong and the Great Ocean Road
Looking for a place to stay once you arrive on the mainland? This blog has some fantastic options that make finding a great place to rest at night an easy drive from Spirit of Tasmania's Victorian home. Be sure to get in quick and book early!

Bells Beach. Photo: Robert Blackburn / Visit Victoria

For those spending all summer by the sea

Pack a beach bag prepped for anything.

The quintessential summer experience — going to the beach. To set out on a perfect day on the sand, you’ll want to have a bag prepped for sun safety, relaxation and spending hours near the wave. Obvious picks include sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, towels, water and snacks. A bathing suit is a no-brainer if you’re taking a dip in the ocean. Otherwise, something light like linen is perfect.

If you want ultimate sun protection, take a shade umbrella or a little tent. Optimise comfort with a camping chair, and perhaps an esky packed with fresh fruits and cold snacks. Other ideas for the ultimate beach day include an excellent book to read, portable speakers for beachy tunes or your favourite gear for activities such as surfing and beach cricket.

Now that you’re prepped check out these beaches in Tassie, or if you’re heading to the mainland, these beaches near Geelong will get you started! 

Three Capes Track - Cape Hauy. Photo: Tasmania National Parks & Wildlife Service.

For those that love a holiday hike

Grab your boots for some serious adventure.

Prefer to get your heart rate up in the great outdoors? Hiking, bushwalking and bird watching are a great ways to soak up nature on your summer holiday. Similar to the beach, you’ll need the obvious picks to stay sun-smart, hydrated and well-fed.

Hiking with family? We have the best family friendly hikes in Tassie for you to check out!

Be sure to plan and check for terrain, or how long your hike will be. This includes asking an expert, such as a guide or park ranger for any handy tips – even online reviews are handy! Lastly, don’t forget to pack a solid pair of walking shoes and durable and comfortable clothes for your adventure!

See these under-the-radar national parks to explore in Tasmania.

Family fishing at Portarlington. Photo: Visit Victoria

For young families taking the kids

The family-friendly picks to keep everyone entertained.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Whether you’re spending time with your kids or your extended family, there are many fun experiences and family-friendly activities at your destination, ensuring your summer holiday is memorable for everyone.

We also have some great recommendations for those looking for caravan parks near Geelong, or if you’re exploring Tassie, how about some great campsites on a budget!

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Music for your summer

Going on a road trip? We’ve got your summer tunes!

Get ready for an unforgettable journey with our curated summer road trip playlist! This selection is perfect for enhancing your next adventure on the road or while cruising the serene summer waters aboard. Featuring a mix of classic hits, fresh tracks, and a variety of tunes in between, our playlist is sure to elevate your travel experience. Explore our specially crafted playlist below and let the music set the tone for your next exciting trip!


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