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Enter your booking details below to manage your existing booking online. Online amendments are available up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time of your existing journey or the new journey you wish to travel on. It's quick, easy and there are no amendment fees!

Simply log in with your booking details to access the following options:

  • View your booking
  • Resend your e-ticket
  • Change your contact details
  • Add your vehicle registration
  • Buy travel insurance for an existing booking
  • Make a payment on an existing booking
  • Change your vehicle registration
  • Add, remove or change your vehicle(s)
  • Add or remove kennels and bicycles
  • Add, remove or change passengers
  • Add, remove or change accommodation
  • Change your sailing dates or departure time
  • Change your fare type
  • Swap your sailing direction
  • Cancel your booking

An updated e-Ticket is provided on the completion of all successful amendments.

If you need some help managing your existing booking, please view our FAQs page.

For general questions not related to your booking, please email us.

If you have made a booking with a Travel Agent or with Spirit of Tasmania's Groups and Special Events department, please contact them directly to manage your booking.

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