Boarding Information

Your day of sailing has arrived! Before we welcome you on board, there are some things to be aware of so that you can enjoy the travel adventure ahead. You'll soon discover the journey is so much more than just a ferry to Tasmania and back.

Checking in

  • Probably the most important piece of advice we can offer you—don’t miss the ship! Check-in opens 2.5 hours prior to departure and closes strictly 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • If you have special needs, please check in at least 2 hours prior to departure.
  • Remember to bring a driver’s license or passport etc., as photo ID is required to check in.

Boarding and disembarking

How to drive your vehicle on board

  • Once through quarantine, all passengers proceed to the vehicle check-in booth to check-in. Each passenger is provided with a boarding pass. For those passengers with a booked cabin, the boarding pass also provides cabin access.
  • Once they have received their boarding pass, passengers drive straight through to the vehicle marshalling yard and follow instructions from staff.
  • When it is time to board, passengers will be directed to board via the bow entrance or up the sky bridge. are to follow directions and board via the bow or up the sky bridge.
  • Passengers drive their own cars on board the ship directed by crew.
  • Once the vehicle is parked, place in park/gear and engage the park brake. Turn off your car alarm as the movement of the ship can set it off (you may need to check your car manual before arriving). Note the deck number and position of the vehicle within the deck so that you can easily find your car on arrival. Parking reminder flyers are also available in every vehicle deck lift/stairwell to assist.
  • On arrival, announcements are made regarding disembarkation. You will be called to your vehicle by deck number. When disembarking, do not start your engine until told to do so.
  • All passengers travelling with a vehicle disembark the ship with the driver.

Is it difficult to board the vehicle deck?

No, security and ship staff are available to direct you.

Remember, for safety reasons, you won’t be allowed on the vehicle deck during the voyage. Please ensure you grab a carry-on bag and any medication to take with you.

Detailed information on boarding Spirit of Tasmania with a vehicle can be found here.

Spirit of Tasmania Quay, Geelong Terminal

Spirit of Tasmania's Spirit of Tasmania Quay, Geelong terminal is located at:
  • Spirit of Tasmania Quay
  • 136 Corio Quay Road, North Geelong
  • VIC 3215
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Boarding in Geelong

Parking at the Geelong terminal

The new precinct – Spirit of Tasmania Quay - offers ample parking space for cars, campervans, motorcycles and freight vehicles, making your arrival relaxing and stress free. Featuring a dedicated drop off/pick up zone and a marshalling area for 600 cars the new precinct also includes more than 6,000m2 of undercover parking for passengers.

Anchors Rest Cafe

Anchors Rest Café is conveniently located within the terminal building at Spirit of Tasmania Quay, Geelong. Serving freshly prepared pastries, salads, sandwiches, soups, wraps, pies and sausage rolls, and beverages, including quality coffee, the cafe is open for all passengers and visitors to the Geelong Terminal.

Devonport Terminal

Spirit of Tasmania's Devonport terminal is located at:
  • Esplanade
  • East Devonport
  • TASMANIA 7310
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Boarding in Devonport

Parking at the Devonport terminal

Free parking is available at the Devonport terminal located on The Esplanade, East Devonport.

Boarding with pets

There are a few extra steps to take when boarding Spirit of Tasmania with a pet. If you have booked a kennel, at check-in our team will provide you with a yellow tag instructing you to proceed to the nearest kennel with your pet. Kennels are located on decks 3 and 5. At each kennel location, there is a combination of both large and small kennels. You can choose the most appropriate sized kennel for your pet. Bedding is not provided, but you are welcome to bring your own bedding. For safety reasons, passenger access to the kennels is not permitted during sailing however regular checks are carried out and fresh water is supplied throughout the sailing. Please address any other requirements with our crew at the time of boarding.

To prepare for travelling with your pet please visit the Pets and Kennels page of our website and watch our Travelling with Pets video.

Please refer to our Conditions of Carriage - Special Conditions B: Animals for more information.


Tasmanian Biosecurity Conditions

It is a condition of travel that passengers comply with Tasmania’s strict biosecurity regulations. Please be aware that any fruit, vegetables, plants, honey, fish or fish products cannot be brought onto the ship and must be declared and/or disposed of prior to boarding. Biosecurity inspections will be completed prior to boarding at the Geelong Terminal, with random inspections taking place during disembarkation at the Devonport Terminal.

Boats and fishing gear must be clean and dry; vehicles must be free from visible signs of soil and mud.

All dogs entering Tasmania are subject to biosecurity entry conditions and must be treated for Hydatid Tape Worm within 14 days prior to entering Tasmania. Documentary evidence of this treatment must be carried by whoever accompanies the dog into Tasmania and presented at time of inspection.

The evidence can be:

• An official statement/certificate by a vet;
• A statutory declaration by the owner; or
• Other evidence of treatment (such as the pill packet and purchase receipt)

For more information free call Dogs to Tasmania Hotline on 1800 684 215. 

Non-compliance with the above may result in severe penalties imposed by Biosecurity Tasmania. 

To ensure you are fully aware of biosecurity regulations please visit the Biosecurity Tasmania or call 1300 368 550 for further information.

Pre-sailing checklist

We've created a handy checklist to help you prepare for your trip.

View checklist page here.