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Experience stargazing aboard Spirit of Tasmania


Where the night skies are endless and the stars shine brighter.

Free from light pollution, immerse yourself in a star studded experience like no other.

Turn your overnight adventure into an astronomical spectacle, and see the stars our way.

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About Kirsten Banks

Recently we had the privilege of having Dr Kirsten Banks travel on board Spirit of Tasmania scouting out the best stargazing spots on board our ship. Kirsten is a passionate astrophysicist dedicated to making science accessible and engaging. Her love for the universe was sparked during a high school excursion to see a documentary about the Hubble Space Telescope. With a PhD in astrophysics and proud Wiradjuri heritage, Kirsten offers a unique perspective in her science communication. She captivates people from all walks of life on social media with her infectious enthusiasm, sharing fun facts and leading workshops to inspire wonder in audiences of all ages. Download the stargazing guide below, or check out her stargazing tips video to enhance your stargazing experience!

Download stargazing guide

Tips and tricks to stargazing on Spirit of Tasmania