Booking Information

Here’s a guide on things you’ll need to know when booking tickets on our ships and the ferry service to Devonport, Tasmania and Geelong, Victoria. You’ll find useful last-minute information that will help prevent a panic episode at the eleventh hour.

Things you need to know

Car type

We require the details of your vehicle, including its make and model, so that we can allocate the appropriate amount of space on board and ensure you are charged the correct vehicle fare.

Vehicle registration

By providing your vehicle's registration you're helping to streamline the booking process so that you're on board and relaxing sooner rather than later.

Names of people travelling

Please ensure all names that appear on your booking are spelled correctly.

Date of birth

If you are travelling with children, we require their D.O.B. at the time of booking. We may also ask for photo identification upon check-in.


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Timings and check-in information

Don’t miss your sailing by leaving too late! Check-in opens between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours prior to departure and closes strictly 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time. For special needs, please check in at least 2 hours prior to departure.

Booking with pets

Want to bring your beloved pet along for the journey? No problem! Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, even guinea pigs and ferrets*, are all welcome on board Spirit of Tasmania.

If you are travelling with a pet we strongly recommend booking a kennel. You can add one to your booking via Private kennels ($22 each way) are located on ventilated decks.

Fresh water is supplied and pets are checked regularly throughout the sailing. Bedding is not provided. Please supply bedding for the kennel and address any other requirements with our crew at the time of boarding.  

One kennel must be booked per pet unless the animal is a mother with pups or kittens. Please note, we are unable to allocate kennel sizes relevant to the size of the pet or reserve particular kennels for your animal.

Smaller animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets*, birds or chickens should be carried in their own cage and then placed into a kennel.

If you are carrying livestock, please contact us on 1800 884 305 to make your booking.

*Biosecurity restrictions may apply to ferrets entering Tasmania. For further information please call Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment on 1300 368 550.

Additional information

Some birds, chickens and ducks may travel on Spirit of Tasmania.

Wildlife such as reptiles, amphibians (i.e. frogs), birds, water-based animals (i.e. fish, yabbies, tortoises), worms, spiders, pigeons, doves and rodents cannot travel on board Spirit of Tasmania.

For more information about bringing specific animal breeds into Tasmania, please visit the Biosecurity-Tasmania website.

Pets are not allowed inside cabins (with the exception of assistance animals) and pets should not be left inside your vehicle during the sailing.

For safety reasons, passengers are not permitted to access the vehicle decks to visit pets while the ship is at sea.

All dogs must be treated for hydatid tapeworm within 14 days prior to entering Tasmania and checked for ticks. Passengers travelling with dogs need to present a printed and signed Declaration by Owner or Importer for the entry of Dogs into Tasmania prior to boarding.

To prepare for travelling with your pet please visit the Pets and Kennels page of our website and watch our Travelling with Pets video.

Please refer to our Conditions of Carriage - Special Conditions B: Animals for more information on sailing with animals.

Motorhomes and caravans

How does booking a motorhome/campervan differ to booking a caravan?

'Motorhome' means a road vehicle designed and constructed primarily to provide sleeping accommodation for the number of occupants that the vehicle is designed to carry. A motorhome is also referred to as a campervan. When making your booking, you need to book the motorhome or campervan as a vehicle and at the vehicle step, select the motorhome/campervan option.

A 'caravan' is a unit which is designed and constructed primarily to provide sleeping accommodation. However it is a separate non-motorised unit and therefore must be towed by a motorised unit in order to be transported. When booking your caravan, you need to select the 'towing a caravan or trailer' option. You will need to provide the full length of your vehicle from end to end. The length includes the caravan and attachments such as a drawbar, bike racks, gas cylinders etc.

How do I measure my vehicle?

Please measure the full length of your vehicle from end to end. You need to provide measurement details for your vehicle to ensure that you are charged the correct price. Vehicle sizes are subject to confirmation on check-in and if the incorrect details have been provided you may be charged an extra fee.

Measuring length

The total length of your vehicle including towed items (caravan, camper trailer or trailer) and attachments (drawbar, bike racks, gas cylinders etc.) must be included in the total measurement.

Please ensure the total length is measured correctly to ensure you are charged the correct price.

Measuring height

The total height of your vehicle including towed items (caravan, camper trailer or trailer), roof racks and any additional items stored on the roof of the vehicle (kayaks, baggage, bicycles etc.) must to be included in the total measurement.

Please ensure the total height is measured correctly and the correct height is selected at the time of booking. Whilst there is no additional cost attached to vehicle height, providing the correct height assists with vehicle loading and ensures you are parked on the correct vehicle deck. Failure to advise the correct height may result in your passage being denied at check-in if there is insufficient vehicle space on the required vehicle deck.

What happens with gas bottles?

If your gas bottle is fixed to your vehicle (fixed via a bracket or compartment) they are permitted to travel in your vehicle as long as they are turned OFF.

If you have a standard passenger vehicle with a Gas Bottle or Butane Canisters loose and not in their original packaging contained within the vehicle, the item will be deposited with security, tagged with your passenger details including booking number and can be collected upon disembarkation.

All loose gas bottles including butane cylinder canisters, (subject to quantities deemed as personal use and not for commercial use),can remain in the passenger accompanies vehicle providing:

Standard vehicles & open trailers – one bottle (maximum size 9 litres (25L) capacity. 
Caravan’s / Motor home / Campers / Etc. – ONE additional bottle (maximum size 25 kg (50 litre water capacity).
-Gas bottle is secure within/on the vehicle.
-Gas bottle is secured in the upright position.
-Gas bottle is turned off.
-Check gas bottle is within validation.

All Gas Bottles that meet the aforementioned conditions will be tagged with a “HAZARD” tag to ensure the gas bottle is not turned on whilst the gas bottle is within TT-Line’s terminals or onboard a TT-Line vessel and remain with the passenger accompanied vehicle.

Gas Bottles that do not meet the aforementioned conditions will either be confiscated and disposed of if validation has expired, or will be deposited and collected upon disembarkation.

You can read further information about Carriage of Dangerous Goods here

Can I travel with my jerry can or fuel?

Jerry Cans and Boat Fuel Containers (subject to quantities deemed as personal use and not for commercial use), can be only be transported on the basis of:-

-Jerry Cans and Boat Fuel Containers filled with diesel ONLY can be transported.
-Jerry Cans and Boat Fuel Containers filled with other dangerous fuel eg petrol, aviation fuel and non-standard fuels are prohibited from carriage.
-Jerry Cans and Boat Fuel Containers containing diesel must be fully welded at seams (Plastic or Metal).
-Jerry Cans and Boat Fuel Containers containing diesel must not be greater than 50 litre capacity.
-Sealing cap has locking side arms or screwed cap with an effective rubber seal.
-All other than Jerry Cans and Boat Fuel Containers must be empty and dry of residual liquid.

In the event petrol residual is identified inside an empty Jerry Can or Boat Fuel can, the passenger must fill the container with water before being allowed to travel. You can read further information about Carriage of Dangerous goods here

Carriage of oxygen cylinders and compressed air cylinders

Compressed Air Cylinders (includes scuba tanks) can be carried under the following conditions;
-Full cylinders are to be removed from vehicles and secured in the gas trolley
-For cylinders to remain in the confines of vehicles or other positions of the vehicle deck (outside the confines of the gas trolley), the pressure must be released such that the maximum pressure reading is 40 psi.
-Other Cylinders containing compressed oxygen (e.g. oxy – welding O2 bottles) cannot be carried

Day vs night

Sail by day

Over summer, as well as during high-demand periods, Spirit of Tasmania operates day sailings, which depart each port (Geelong and Devonport). On a Day Ticket, you are free to wander the ship at your leisure and explore the many indoor areas and outdoor decks to your heart’s content. For added relaxation (and a siesta) book a cabin and have your own private place to retreat. Enjoy lunch at TMK and a matinee movie in the new cinemas, then listen to some live music in the Terrace Lounge Bar. And the kids have got everything from face painting, Xbox consoles, play equipment and circus performers to keep them entertained for hours.

Sail by night

There’s something magical about sailing at night. It’s not just the sparkling city views or the endless starry skies; it’s the thrill of waking up at your destination, refreshed and ready to explore. There’s plenty to do on the overnight leg. First thing’s first though: you’ll want to head straight out on deck and take in the beautiful landscape of Geelong or pristine coastline of Tassie receding into the twilit distance. Then, kick back with a glass of award-winning vino, sample some fresh Tassie produce, and even catch a late-night movie before heading back to your cabin for a cosy night’s sleep.

Specific Needs & Assistance

Specific needs and assistance include booking a Wheelchair Accessible Cabin or Recliner, travelling with an assistance dog or if you have a medical condition including any mobility, hearing and or sight impairments. For further detailed information, please visit the specific needs and assistance page.