Be a spirited traveller with Spirit of Tasmania

Be a spirited traveller with Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania has launched a new brand campaign which embraces the motivation and mindset of the ‘spirited traveller’.


These ‘spirited travellers’ choose a different kind of journey when planning their holiday to Tasmania.  They would rather take their own car, take more time, have a memorable on-board experience and embark on their own exciting adventure when they arrive at their destination.


The new-look brand campaign is Spirit of Tasmania’s first creative campaign in partnership with newly appointed agency; Leo Burnett.


Spirit of Tasmania Chief Executive Officer Bernard Dwyer said ‘Be a spirited traveller’ captured the adventurous side of travellers who liked to travel their ‘own’ way.


“This new campaign is all about enhancing the experiences, sights and memories that our passengers, our 'spirited travellers', have when travelling with Spirit of Tasmania,” he said.


“Our passengers care as much about the journey as the destination, absorbing every experience that comes their way.


“The spirited traveller is a broad term, yet it encompasses our passengers who have a more adventurous mindset, in particular our growth target markets of families and couples.


“It was important for this brand refresh to build upon the success surrounding the launch of the newly refurbished Spirit of Tasmania vessels and we are pleased with the creative delivered by Leo Burnett.


“We have projected strong passenger growth, and believe the many interpretations ‘Be a spirited traveller’ can deliver will further enhance our marketing strategy and drive passenger sales in 2017 and beyond.”


“Getting to your destination can be just as memorable as the place itself, and there’s nothing more unique than travelling on Spirit of Tasmania. The new campaign will encourage the adventurous-at-heart to come aboard and create unforgettable moments at sea, and in Tasmania” said Patrick Rowe, General Manager of Leo Burnett Melbourne.


The ‘Be a spirited traveller’ campaign is on TV, online and outdoor.


Spirited travellers can come aboard at