Passenger Safety

Our number one priority is providing you with a safe and secure environment when you travel with Spirit of Tasmania. Prior to travelling, we encourage you to read this information so you are aware of potential hazards that may exist on our vehicle decks and when on board.

Vehicle Decks

Driving hazards

There are many hazards that passengers need to be aware of when driving aboard. Please monitor advisory signs, watch and listen to the advice of the stevedores and drive with caution.

Things to watch out for:

  • Changes in surface between roadway to steel deck, and potential wet surfaces
  • Like city car parks, there are some tight spaces and dark corners

Driving hazards: once parked

Once parked, there are many hazards on the vehicle decks that passengers need to be aware of when boarding. Be mindful when walking from car to the stairwell. Do not overload yourself and ensure you are able to see your feet as you walk.

Things to watch out for:

  • Trip / slip hazards
  • Elephants feet (clover leaf cargo securing points protruding from the deck)
  • Wet decks
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Changes in floor material when transitioning from deck to stairwell with small steps up/down

Obstruction hazards

  • Car tow balls
  • Bike racks that protrude into walkways
  • Roof rack protrusions overhead
  • Mirrors protrude into walkways from older model cars and vans
  • Hanging decks have wires that are greased

Noise hazards

Due to the vehicle fumes on vehicle decks the ships run fans to circulate the air. This creates a noise that some passengers may find strange or unfamiliar when boarding and can be considered a noise hazard.

On board the vessel

Vessel motion

When travelling on a vessel there will be motion. All passengers need to be mindful of this fact. Seafarers have a simple saying “always have one hand for the ship”. When travelling around the ship you should have one hand ready and available to grab / hold of the railing.

Opening and closing doors

The motion of the ship may add to the weight of the door and could be pulled out of your hand leading to uncontrolled opening / closing of door.

Moving from inside to outside

The transition between inside the vessel and outer decks has a change of flooring / decking material. This can be a change from carpet to steel deck which may be weather effected. There is also a step up.

Outer deck slip / trip hazards

The outer decks have safety guard rails to prevent falls. There are also some slip / trip hazards that passengers need to be mindful of.