Group Bookings

Group Travel

Whether your group are travelling for sport, education or just for fun, our team are here to help make the planning and booking process seamless for you. A group is defined as a minimum of 15 adults & 20 or less vehicles travelling together on the same sailing (or for school groups a minimum of 15 teachers and students combined).

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Special Events

We can also assist you with a special event offer suitable for a conference, car club or association event to enable participants to travel across a range of sailings pre and post the main event dates. A special event is defined as a minimum of 20 cars & passengers (or 100 passengers without cars) travelling to the same event. 

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Sporting Groups

Focus on your sporting event and take the hassle out of getting there with all of your equipment. Bring your own car or get everyone together on a minibus or touring coach – there is no need to worry about excess baggage, simply pack it all into your vehicle. On board your team can unwind and maybe take time to formulate a game plan.

Educational Groups

Make your student excursion memorable with a journey by sea. There is no better way to learn than hands-on, interactive exploration. Hassle free - there is no need to split your group across multiple travel dates or times, we can take them all on the one sailing!

Special Events, Conferences, Car Clubs and others

Speak to our team about creating a Special Event booking. Whether you are planning a conference, a car club tour or any other group activity, a Special Event Booking will give everyone the opportunity to travel across a range of dates pre and post event.