Sponsorship Requests

Spirit of Tasmania cares deeply for a variety of community-based causes and initiatives. If you’re interested in lodging a request and believe our company would be a suitable sponsor for your organisation, please submit an online sponsorship application form below.

Getting sponsored

Spirit of Tasmania is only able to accept sponsorship requests submitted via our online sponsorship application form below.

Requests are assessed on a monthly basis so please ensure you allow at least four weeks for your request to be considered.

Your request will be responded to by the Sponsorship Committee who will write to you advising you of the outcome of your request.

What will be sponsored?

The Sponsorship Committee on behalf of the Company will consider sponsorship requests from the following categories:

  • Commercial programs
  • Environmental opportunities
  • Tourism and hospitality opportunities
  • Maritime opportunities
  • Local Tasmanian initiatives
  • Charities

Sponsorship, if approved, may be provided in the way of discounted travel or free-of-charge travel. 

What is excluded from sponsorship?

As a general rule, the Sponsorship Committee will not support sponsorships that are detrimental to the Company’s corporate image or not aligned with its brand values and objectives. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Political or religious organisations
  • Events or programs that exclude or offend minority groups
  • Events or organisations associated with gambling, smoking, drinking or drug-related activities
  • Programs that are hazardous to the environment or community
  • Programs or organisations sponsored by the Company’s competitors
  • An individual, small group or team seeking support for personal interests
  • Fundraising events or initiatives undertaken by schools, social clubs, sporting teams or individual athletes

Sponsorship requests application form

Before submitting your application, please ensure you have reviewed the important information outlined above. View our Privacy Statement regarding the personal information we have collected.

Please complete and submit the following form providing and much detail as possible. Incomplete forms with insufficient information will not be accepted.

Please note: Sponsorship requests are assessed on a monthly basis. Please allow enough time for your request to be considered. Requests received after Friday 15 December 2023 will be assessed on Monday 15 January 2024.