Stay Connected

Wi-Fi is available in all public areas (excluding cabins), enabling passengers to gain access to the Internet. These areas include:

- Deck 7
- Deck 8 (Recliner Lounge)
- Deck 9
- Deck 10

To connect, turn on your Wi-Fi and select the wireless network called “SpiritInternet” and follow the instructions that are displayed on your screen.

Price & Data Packs



Data Limit

Time Limit

Device #



500 MB

24 hours




2 GB

24 hours




5 GB

24 hours




10 GB

24 hours


Available Content & Services
Certain types of content or bandwidth intensive usage may be limited or blocked.

  • Connections over Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Torrent or similar large file uploads and downloads such as operating system upgrades
  • Online gaming sites
  • Streaming services such as Kayo, Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime

Internet Speed
Whilst every effort is made to deliver a good browsing experience, please bear in mind that the internet is delivered to the ship via high earth orbit satellite.

This requires the connection travelling to space and then back to the ship to enable you to connect during your crossing of the Bass Strait, so it will be slower than what you’re used to on land (NBN is approx. 20x faster than satellite connections).

FREE Media Streaming
Free media streaming is available in all public areas (excluding cabins). Stream SpiritFree.tv, our free-to-air channel, on your own device and plan your Tassie road trip with our inspiring videos.

1. Turn on your Wi-Fi.
2. Connect to “SpiritFree.tv”.
3. Open your browser.
4. Visit SpiritFree.tv