Customer Service Charter

Spirit of Tasmania is focused on providing our customers with a safe and reliable service. Below is a detailed list of our Customer Service Charter. 

Customer Service Charter

TT-Line Company Pty Ltd (TT-Line), operators of Spirit of Tasmania I and II, is focused on providing our customers with a safe and reliable service.

TT-Line employees have developed a set of values to assist the company to meet this critical objective.

1. Quality and Reliability

We pride ourselves on our reliability of schedule and our demonstrated commitment to ensuring a safe environment for our passengers and employees.

Our commitment is to maintain a unique sea travel experience, ensuring our passengers start their holiday from the moment they step on board.

We continue to pursue innovative ideas and developments to ensure our customers experience a seamless booking process from end-to-end.

We are committed to ensuring our freight clients are provided with the fastest transportation services across Bass Strait, with pick-up and delivery times the most flexible in the industry.

2. Integrity

We are committed to ensuring we measure our actions against our aims and objectives through independent research on past and prospective passengers. This allows us to continuously review and improve our customer service.

We respect our passenger’s privacy. (Our company has developed a comprehensive privacy policy that is available here).

3. Communication

We acknowledge and value our customers and their feedback. We are committed to engaging with our passengers and actively seek their comments.

All customer feedback is reviewed and, if necessary, responded to as quickly as possible. All written correspondence from our customers receives a formal response. We appreciate our passengers taking the time to provide their comments as it helps us to monitor specific areas of our operation and assists with ongoing innovation and

If you would like to provide feedback please contact us.

4. Recognition

We understand that our customers are interested in how we involve ourselves in the community. We take our social responsibility seriously.

Spirit of Tasmania is a supporter of various Tasmanian-based organisations, and is a major contributor to the Tasmanian economy.

Through a number of programs and initiatives, Spirit of Tasmania donates to many local Tasmanian charities. Our company has supported internal departments and individuals in their fundraising efforts for varying charities for many years.

5. Financial Responsibility

The company will manage and facilitate the operation of a shipping service to and from Tasmania in a manner that is consistent with sound commercial practice.

The company will comply with the Corporations Act 2001 and the constitution and other legislation that governs the company.

The company will constantly review our financial responsibility to our shareholders and stakeholders.

Our people take ownership by identifying and implementing economically and environmentally responsible workplace practices. Effective management and best practice will maintain quality of service to our customers and ensure growth into the future.

Providing strong support for Tasmanian-made products, Spirit of Tasmania is committed to showcasing Tasmania’s best produce and wine.

6. Tasmanian Ombudsman

If you have raised an issue with TT-Line and we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you have the right to contact the Tasmanian Ombudsman by:

Phoning 1800001170; or Emailing to ; or writing to the Ombudsman at GPO Box 960, Hobart TAS 7001

View PDF version of our Customer Service Charter here.