International Food Accreditation

Smooth Sailing With International Food Accreditation

6 February 2013

Fine fare, seasonal menus and a restaurant with magnificent ocean views are not the only priority for Spirit of Tasmania's customers. Today, the company was presented with one of the highest food hygiene certifications, based on the international standard.

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certification, or otherwise known as HACCP, is a quality assurance program that ensures Sprit of Tasmania's customers can have confidence in the quality and safety of its food management and service systems.

"We are proud to be the first retail and hospitality business in Tasmania to achieve HACCP certification", said Mr Nick Harriman, General Manager of Retail and Hospitality.

"The certification ensures we have a comprehensive risk management approach that focuses on continuous improvement and far exceeds the standards set by legislation.

"It means our customers can have strong confidence in the quality and safety of our food management and service systems - something our team has worked hard to achieve".

Peter Landrigan, Business Manager of Food Hygiene Australia  (the auditing company that certified the HACCP program) said,  "By developing and putting into place a HACCP program, Spirit of Tasmania has shown a high level of commitment to food safety and quality."

Sourcing a range of food from different Tasmanian suppliers is another priority for Mr Nick Harriman.

"Our menus are constantly changing to showcase many of Tasmanian's different regions. We've featured produce from King Island, Cape Grim, Huon Valley, Macquarie Harbour and wines from all over Tasmania.

"Late last year we featured Tasmanian whisky tasting on board, which received an extremely positive response from our passengers so we'll be doing more great initiatives like that this year."

Spirit of Tasmania's dining options include The Leatherwood Restaurant, The Captain's Table eatery and the Lavender Café.






Soniya Fernandez

Communications Manager