New Fire Technology installed on Spirit of Tasmania vessels

New Fire Technology installed on Spirit of Tasmania vessels

30 June 2023

The new Spirit of Tasmania vessels under construction in Finland will be the first ferries to operate in Australia to feature Tasmanian-made marine fire safety insulation material. 

Designed and manufactured in Hobart specifically for steel passenger vessels by CBG Systems, the material lines the walls of steel ships, protecting them in the event of a fire.  

CBG Systems Managing Director Javier Herbon said the new fire safety material had been more than two years in the making.

“We have been working really hard to prepare an internationally certified product that can be used on vessels like the new Spirit of Tasmania ships. The technology has also been recognised internationally as the winner of 2022 IndoPacific Innovation Award,” he said. 

“We have been in the ship building industry for more than 45 years, primarily specialising in aluminium high speed craft ships.

“This project is giving us the opportunity to expand and develop a product that is applicable to steel ferries.” 

As a part of an international requirement around ship safety, passenger ferries must be lined with a passive fire protection product. 

“In the event of a fire, the Rapid Access Composite system contains the fire onboard the vessel for one hour, allowing for the safe evacuation of passengers,” Mr Herbon said.  

“The unique insulation material not only provides fire safety for all onboard but has also been designed to be light weight, allowing the ships to save on fuel which in turn decreases environmental impacts.” 

Mr Herbon said the contract with Finnish ship builder Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) would place the new technology into the international spotlight. 

“This contract goes way beyond the commercial transaction for the next two years with Spirit of Tasmania,” he said.  

“It is an opportunity to increase our exposure and open up the market for many more projects to come in Australia and across the globe.” 

CBG systems will work alongside RMC to deliver this project, with two staff set to travel to Finland for the installation of the product. 

“The efforts we have seen from Spirit of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Government and RMC to incorporate Tasmanian technologies has been exceptional,” Mr Herbon said.  

“Being able to work with RMC and its supply chains and technicians in Finland and Europe has been incredible. 

“We are thrilled that Spirit of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government have embraced this level of connectivity and have provided us with this great opportunity that will go far beyond these two ships.” 

RMC is one of Europe's leading shipbuilding companies.

The Rauma-based company, founded in the summer of 2014, is fully under Finnish ownership.

RMC specialises in the construction and maintenance of car and passenger ferries, icebreakers and defence vessels.

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