Spirit of Tasmania joins the Green Marine program

Spirit of Tasmania joins the Green Marine program

31 March 2023

TT-Line Company Pty Ltd, operators of the Spirit of Tasmania vessels, has become the first Australian company to join the Green Marine environment certification program.

Green Marine, established for North America’s maritime industry and is expanding its presence into other international jurisdictions, is a voluntary initiative that helps participants improve their environmental performance beyond regulations.

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Bernard Dwyer said the company’s first self-evaluation to benchmark its 2022 operations would serve as a pilot to adapt the program for other Australian domestic ship owners.

“We are very pleased to play this role in terms of assisting the Australian marine sector to achieve even greater sustainability,” he said.

Mr Dwyer said the company’s existing vessels fully complied with the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) global cap of sulphur emissions.

“They are highly regarded on the international ship market for a number of reasons including their compliance with IMO standards and rigorous maintenance schedule,” he said.

“Our new vessels, under construction in Finland at Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC), will allow for even greater sustainable operations, further lowering the fleet’s environmental footprint.

“We are very pleased to be working with Green Marine in the sustainability performance space.

“The fact that our work will also ultimately benefit other Australian operators is a good outcome for all concerned.”