Spirit of Tasmania launches Juniper the chatbot

Spirit of Tasmania launches Juniper the chatbot

24 January 2019

A sassy Tasmanian Devil called Juniper is the face of Spirit of Tasmania’s new Chatbot which was launched this week. 

The Facebook Messenger campaign will engage and inspire new audiences to drive on board Spirit of Tasmania and enjoy road tripping through Tasmania.

The campaign showcases the best Tasmanian experiences, landmarks and businesses through nine road trips focused on food, wine, bushwalking, culture, nature, thrill seeking, luxury, family and Zen.

In a choose-your-own-adventure style experience, users select which themed road trip they feel aligns with their interests, then host Juniper takes each user on an interactive road trip over the course of nine days.

Throughout the journey users can select where they would like to eat, choose which native animals they want to see and get a glimpse of Tasmania’s most spectacular landscapes.

The Chabot host, Juniper, is a two-year old Tasmanian Devil who lives at Devils@Cradle and was sponsored in 2017 by Spirit of Tasmania as part of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program. 

The Chatbot was designed internally and developed by Social House Bots and brought to life by popular social media satirical commentator The Bell Tower Times who was engaged to take on the personality of Juniper.  

Spirit of Tasmania CEO Bernard Dwyer said engaging new audiences through a variety of mediums was incredibly important.

“Running this campaign though Messenger allows us to reach a large audience and show people in a fun and interactive way how they can start their journey with Spirit of Tasmania and continue on to explore every region of the state.

“Through this campaign we will show people what a diverse range of experiences Tasmania has to offer – whether they are drawn to adventure, culture, food or nature based activities – this campaign will inspire people to take their own car on a road trip to Tasmania.” he said.

To take a Tasmanian road trip with Juniper follow this link