Spirit of Tasmania test run

Spirit of Tasmania test run

14 August 2022

Spirit of Tasmania II will be sailing into Geelong this morning, without passengers or freight, as part of a series of trial runs in advance of the October opening of the new terminal precinct, Spirit of Tasmania Quay.

The purpose of the trial run is for Spirit of Tasmania to test the new Automatic Mooring Units (AMU) that have been installed at Spirit of Tasmania Quay. AMUs eliminate the need for mooring lines and are specifically designed to improve operational efficiency by using vacuum pad technology to rapidly attach to and secure a vessel at berth.

While the ship is in port, the Company will also assess other vessel alignment requirements at the new berth in preparation for the first official sailing to arrive in Geelong on Sunday 23 October.

Spirit of Tasmania II will arrive in Geelong on the morning of Sunday 14 August 2022 and will return to Station Pier, Port Melbourne on Monday 15 August 2022.

The ship will resume its nightly Melbourne to Devonport service, departing as scheduled from Station Pier at 7:30pm, on Monday 15 August 2022.