Sheffield Travel Guide

North West Tasmania


The north-west is a glorious pastiche of wild coastlines, picturesque towns and ancient rainforests. Nicknamed the ‘Edge of the World’, the folks here enjoy an enviable frontier lifestyle, with unspoiled natural beauty right at their fingertips.


Nestled in the foothills of Mount Roland, Sheffield is a friendly rural town that has evolved into one of the state’s finest arts communities. You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into an outdoor art gallery—over 60 large-scale murals adorn its street walls depicting the area’s rich history and beautiful natural scenery.


Mount Roland

No postcard image of Sheffield is complete without this magnificent rugged peak in the background. Rising 1,234 metres above sea level, Mount Roland is located within the 7,600-hectare Mount Roland Conservation Area & Regional Reserve. There are two tracks to the summit—a steep, seldom recommended route, and a longer, leisurely option for those who wish to finish the trek in one piece.


Not far from the city centre is Tasmazia, one of the world’s largest maze complexes. Get lost among the hedges and pray you eventually find your way out. Then step into the small-scale model Village of Lower Crackpot and feel like a giant overlooking a miniature realm.

Kentish Museum

The Kentish museum provides a snapshot of the municipality’s pioneering history. Its collection of artefacts includes agricultural machinery, minerals, shop fittings, old books and historical newspapers—all sourced directly from the local community. The museum also offers a genealogy service for anyone curious to trace their family history in the region. (Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Kelly Slater)

Mural Festival

Coinciding with Easter each year, this is a week-long gala, in which professional artists from Australia and around the world compete in a paint-off for a $15,000 prize. Only nine artists are selected to compete, however their works remain on display for one year during which the public votes for their favourite.

Need to know

Getting there

Sheffield is a 30-minute drive (30 km) from Devonport.