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About Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania is the only tourism and transport service that sails across Bass Strait carrying passengers, passenger vehicles and freight between Geelong and Tasmania. It is one of Australia's most iconic travel experiences and a vital connection between the mainland and Tasmania.

The 448 kilometre voyage takes between 9.5-11.5 hours across Bass Strait. Departing nightly from Geelong and Devonport in Tasmania’s north-west, the twin ships offer passengers a unique sailing experience combined with the flexibility and convenience of bringing their own vehicles. Day sailings also operate during periods of high demand (September to May).

Ship Facts

The sailing experience

Spirit of Tasmania offers passengers a unique sailing experience. With spectacular sea views, fresh open air, dining and entertainment; passengers can ease themselves into a relaxing holiday from the moment they board.

What's on board

Bars & lounges

From the stylish surrounds of Bar 7, the comfy lounges on Deck 9 to the bright, summery, beached-themed space on Deck 10, Spirit of Tasmania has drinking and dining options to
suit all tastes, offering an array of Tasmanian wines, ciders and beers.

Tasmanian Market Kitchen

For those after a bite to eat, the casual eatery, Tasmanian Market Kitchen, has a selection of hot or cold favourites or those after something lighter can grab a sandwich from The Pantry as they browse the souvenirs and specialty Tassie food products.

Cinemas & gaming

Passengers can enjoy a latest release movie at one of two cinemas. The little ones can explore the Kids Play Area and the bigger kids will love the Game Zone, a fun arcade-style game area. There’s also a Gaming Station with Xbox consoles for the kids and kids at heart. For those after a bit of solitude, the Reading Room is a quiet space with no TVs.

Freedom to roam

Passengers are required to book accommodation on night sailings, however on day sailings passengers can book a Day Ticket which gives them the freedom to roam around the vessel freely without an allocated seat or cabin.

Passenger data

Spirit of Tasmania's carries over 450,000+ passengers a year, with 90% of them taking a vehicle. 70% of them travel for recreation and come from all of Australia's states and territories (38% are from Victoria, 29% from Tasmania). 

Passengers travelled per month

Our busiest month of the year is January, where almost 80,000 passengers travel with Spirit of Tasmania, looking to spend summer on either the mainland or Tasmania.

Where our passengers live

Spirit of Tasmania passengers come from all Australian states and territories. The majority come from Victoria (38%) and Tasmania (29%).

The spirited traveller

Spirit of Tasmania’s current brand campaign embraces the motivation and mindset of the ‘spirited traveller’.

These ‘spirited travellers’ choose a different kind of journey when planning their holiday. They would rather take their own car, take more time, have a memorable onboard experience and embark on their own exciting adventure when they arrive at their destination.

“One who packs their inquisitive nature along with their bags. Who savours the journey as much as the destination. Who goes where the wind takes them…”

Spirited travellers:
• Identify as being more adventurous;
• Like to travel in their own way;
• Are open to the unexpected;
• Value unique experiences;
• Consider themselves travellers, not tourists.

Our spirited travellers

Spirit of Tasmania profiles its passengers using Mosaic; a household based consumer lifestyle segmentation tool that classifies all Australian households into unique segment types and overarching groups. Using Mosaic and passenger booking data, we have segmented our passengers into six key personas.

Regional Savers
36% of passengers
Age: 45-74
Household income: <$52K
Profile: Middle and older aged, low income singles and couples living in cities and regional areas

Flourishing Families
17% of passengers
Age: 30 - 59
Household income: $104-156k
Profile: Middle aged, well-off couples and families living in outer metropolitan suburbs

Frugal Families
17% of passengers
Age: 25-49
Household income: $34-104k
Profile: Younger and middle aged, average income traditional families and single parents living in outer suburban and regional areas

Ageing Affluents
14% of passengers
Age: 55 - 74
Household income: $156k+
Profile: Middle and older aged, very high income couples and families living in desirable suburbs

Young Achievers
9% of passengers
Age: 30-34
Household income: $78-208k
Profile: Young successful career driven professionals, on middle to very high incomes residing in major cities

Solo Battlers
7% of passengers
Age: 40-44
Household income: <$34k
Profile: Low income blue collar singles and single parents living paycheck to paycheck in outer metro and regional towns


Digital screens

  • 17 Screens Per Ships
  • 11 Portrait
  • 6 Landscape
  • New Addition - 10 Landscape Geelong Terminal Screens

Over 70 per cent of our passengers are holidaymakers from the mainland looking for inspiration and ideas to add to their Tasmanian itinerary. Spirit of Tasmania offers businesses the opportunity to inspire this highly engaged audience by promoting their product or service right before they are about to embark on their adventure. Your ad will feature every 10 minutes across 17 screens on each vessel in dining, relaxation and high-traffic zones as well as in our Geelong terminal.

Screen locations

Advertising rates

All prices are excluding GST.

Package 1 

6 Month Contract

12 Month Contract










  • 15 Sec advertisement shown on Terminal and On-board display screens.
  • Spirit TV Promotion 1 – 10 min video. (Optional)

Package 2 

6 Month Contract

12 Month Contract










  • 30 Sec advertisement shown on Terminal and On-board display screens.
  • Spirit TV Promotion 1 – 10 min video. (Optional)

Advertising guidelines

• Content needs to enhance the passenger’s onboard experience
• Content needs to inspire and excite our passengers about the trip they are about to embark on in Tasmania (or the mainland)
• Acceptable content: Tasmanian tourism content (activities, regions, attractions, events, experiences, restaurants, accommodation and travel). We will also accept Victorian tourism content
• For maximum exposure we recommend clear call to actions with logo on each and every frame
• It’s recommended to fade the start and end frames in and out. This gives a little breathing space between each advertisement
• If referring to Spirit of Tasmania, please get permission on wording and imagery before submission. Note ‘the’ should never be used in front of Spirit of Tasmania and Spirit of Tasmania should not be shortened to “the Spirit”.

Responsible alcohol marketing code

Please ensure the content of your advertisement complies with the ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code, a copy of which is accessible here:

Due to placement rule restrictions, commercials specifically intended to promote the use or purchase of alcohol will only be shown between 8:30pm to 5:00am on any day.

Placement rule restrictions do not apply to commercials in which the depiction of alcohol is only incidental, however such commercials must still comply with the ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code.

Digital screen specs

Files can either be video files or static imagery:

Preferred format: MP4
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Bitrate: 5Mbps (Max)
Colour profile: RGB
Landscape videos: 1920px(w) x 1080px(h)
Portrait videos: 1080px(w) x 1920px(h)

Preferred format: JPEG or PNG
Resolution: 72 dpi/ppi
Colour profile: RGB
Landscape images: 1920px(w) x 1080px(h)
Portrait images: 1080px(w) x 1920px(h)


Landscape: 1920px X 1080px
Portrait: 1080px X 1920px

All artwork must be submitted for approval a minimum of one week prior to contract commencement. All content sent must be for the required time frame (i.e. 15 or 30 seconds). Submit your files here.

Please direct any queries you have regarding artwork to