08 February, 2021

Tasmania’s best burgers: where to find bliss in a bun.

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Keep everyone smiling with these seriously satisfying options.

Whether you’re taking a break between seeing the sights or refuelling after a big day, nothing beats burgers for a fast, flavoursome and affordable feed. They’re on the menu almost anywhere, anytime, but don’t miss the chance to devour some of Tassie’s tastiest at these next-level burger destinations.

Burgers that fit the bill

Billy started with a food truck, but his burgers were so popular he upgraded to a permanent spot in Hobart’s heart. So Billy’s Burgers and Bar not only offers awesome burgers but boozy drinks and tables with waterfront views too. Try the Big Billy with double everything. Or sticky pulled-pork burgers, veggie versions including shredded hoisin-saucy mushroom, and mini burgers for your mini-me. Good news, coeliacs: gluten-free buns are available.

Billy's Burgers & Bar (Image: Billy's Burgers & Bar)

Fishy burgers

Devonport’s Strait Off the Boat is renowned for fish and seafood fresh from Bass Strait. They do all sorts of fantastic fishy business, including fish ‘n’ chips, scallops, squid and … several kinds of fish burgers including the GLT: gummy, lettuce and tomato. They serve other burgers, like the classic with housemade pattie, but why not take the bait?

Choice burgers

Further along the north coast in Wynyard, Hotel Federal’s Burger Bar also do a few different fish burgers. Lots of beef and chicken burgers too, plus lamb and vegetarian ones. Yep, this country pub is serious about putting yummy stuff in buns. Most of it’s Tasmanian, including Ashgrove cheese and locally sourced meat and fish. Are you up for their Burger Challenge? Conquer the Mountain burger (including 500-plus grams of beef patties) in 30 minutes for a free pint.

Northern burger bonanza

From market stall to food truck to a bricks-and-mortar eatery, Burger Junkie has become a Launceston favourite. Chillax under a trippy burger-munching mural in this hangout that nods to North America. The menu includes Quentin Tarantino-inspired Royale with Cheese and Big Kahuna burgers, and the All Canadian with maple whiskey glaze. Thanks to the Canadian co-owner there are Canadian beers too. From kids burgers to vegan burgers, this is meal-in-a-bun utopia.

Burger Junkie (Image: Burger Junkie)

Jack of all burgers

Another top spot for beating the hungries in Hobart is Jack Greene, a heritage Salamanca Place den of stone and wood. This is a burger joint with the lot – especially the big Jack Stack burger. Not super hungry, or fancy trying a few flavours? There are several sliders too. From the Greek lamb to tandoori salmon, enjoy burgers with global flavours and Tassie ingredients, plus good times including cocktail jugs and live music.

Haus-made burgers

Whatever your burger needs, Hobart’s two Burger Haus locations have got you covered, starting with buns: white, wholemeal, pide, gluten-free, even no-bun baby cos lettuce. There are heaps of beef and chicken burgers, as well as lamb, salmon, veggie and kids-size too. Ingredients are mostly local and maybe a bit posh too – like fig chutney and King Island brie. Want fries with that? Or other burger buddies like onion rings, milkshakes and craft beer? Yes you can.

Burger Haus (Image: Burger Haus)

Big city burgers

You don’t need to sell your soul for a gourmet burger. Just hit up Burger Got Soul in Hobart or Launceston. As well as lots of beef and chicken they’ve also got vegetarian, vegan, lamb and even venison burgers. Kids are sorted too, and buns can be swapped for gluten-free bread or lettuce. This little Tassie chain loves local ingredients, and also sources free-range chicken and eggs.

There are more beaut burger destinations around the island, from Hobart’s The Winston to Devonport’s Hash Burger. What’s your favourite?


Information included in this blog is correct at the time of publishing. Please contact individual operators for further information.

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