13 June, 2023

No weight limits, no worries

Packing for your journey on Spirit of Tasmania is a breeze – just follow these simple tips.

Strict limits on everything from liquids to weight can make packing for flights stressful (and will your luggage even arrive?). With Spirit of Tasmania it couldn’t be more different, because we love luggage. Make the most of the opportunity to bring almost everything for your trip with these top tips.

How much luggage can I bring?

The great news is you can bring lots of luggage on board. Walk-on passengers can check-in two bags, with no weight limits, while vehicles (plus trailers, caravans and boats) can be loaded with nearly anything.

What do I need for the voyage?

Everyone should also bring a carry-on bag, as there’s no access to checked luggage or vehicles during the voyage. Pack essentials like toiletries and medication, and don’t forget your ticket! Again, there are no weight limits.

If you’ve booked a cabin there’s no need to bring bedding or towels. The only exception is if you’ve booked a cot, which does require your own linen.

taypalaka / Green Point Beach, Marrawah. Photo: Jess Bonde

Can I bring bulky items?

From kayaks and canoes to bikes and golf clubs, if it fits in or can be secured to your vehicle bring it along. Walk-on passengers can also bring a bicycle from just $19.

Travellers who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter can roll right on board with our people mover. Whatever your accessibility needs are, including accessible cabins or recliners, or bringing medical equipment aboard, let us know in advance – we will be happy to help make your journey as comfortable as possible.

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What items are restricted?

Biosecurity regulations mean you can’t bring any plants (including fruit and vegetables), honey or fish products into Tasmania.

There are also restrictions on dangerous items such as jerry cans of fuel and scuba-diving tanks. Check the rules about travelling on Spirit of Tasmania with dangerous goods, including the safe carriage of LPG and propane gas cylinders.

Do you need to bring ammunition or weapons, such as pistols, shotguns, spear guns, bows and arrows? Submit the firearms and ammunition declaration form, or the firearms and ammunition exemptions for registered events form, at least 24 hours in advance, and carefully follow instructions. Weapons are strictly forbidden on passenger decks.

Launceston Kayak Tours. Photo: Launceston Kayak Tours.

What do I need for my destination?

Before you start packing check the weather forecast. The southside of our country is generally cooler than the rest of Australia, so be prepared for single-digit (Celsius) temperatures in winter, but also don't assume it will be cool in summer. It can get well above 30 degrees - so consider bathers for enjoying our two States magnificent rivers, beaches and coastlines.

Packing right is especially important if you're spending time in our great outdoors. Harmful UV light can be strong here in summer, so bring a broad-brimmed hat, long-sleeve shirts and sunblock. Quality gear such as insulated jackets and thermals are essential if you're out in cold conditions for long periods, as are alpine-grade sleeping bags for camping.

Bring a water bottle - which you can start topping up at our onboard refill stations - and even a reusable coffee cup. Reducing waste is one way you can help keep our States beautiful. If you're travelling with a vehicle, also consider a portable cooler and ice packs so you can souvenir perishable foods like cheese from our delicious produce makers.

Still have packing questions?

Look over our FAQs and handy pre-sailing checklist. If there’s anything else you want to know please contact us – we’re here to help.


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Information included in this blog is correct at the time of publishing. Please contact individual operators for further information.

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