11 January, 2023

Top five reasons to sail with Spirit of Tasmania

We’re big on luggage, room to relax and ways for you to save.

With a new terminal in Geelong and new ships expected to arrive in 2024, crossing the Bass strait on Spirit of Tasmania has never been easier. Our new purpose-designed Geelong terminal has made mainland departures and arrivals a breeze, while these five reasons why so many travellers sail with us are as compelling as ever.

Photo: Spirit of Tasmania

Travel with your own vehicle

Driving directly from home to your holiday means instant savings – and convenience – because there’s no need to pay for transport to and from airports, or long-term parking fees. Plus, every day you’re in Tassie with your own wheels is a day without additional vehicle rental costs – so the longer you're away, the more you save. If you’re bringing a tent, caravan or RV, you'll save on accommodation too.

Find out more about travelling with your vehicle on Spirit of Tasmania.

Photo: Spirit of Tasmania

Bring everything you need

Walk-on passengers enjoy a generous luggage allowance of two checked bags and one carry-on, with no weight limits, but travelling with a vehicle means luggage galore. Pack it with whatever you need for your holiday, from camping gear to toys, games and booster seats for the kids. If you’re planning to have fun with bikes, kayaks, golf clubs or other bulky equipment, bring your own and avoid hire fees – and the bother of finding rental services when and where you need them.

Whatever will make your getaway easier, safer or more enjoyable, pack it in your car, trailer, caravan, RV or boat and drive straight off Spirit of Tasmania to good times (but please note restricted and prohibited items). Bring your pet too – we have very affordable private kennels on a ventilated deck.

Salamanca Place. Photo: City of Hobart and Alastair Bett

Take home almost everything you want

Have you ever reluctantly decided not to buy something on holiday because getting it home would be too difficult, risky or costly? Well when you bring your car, you can fill it with treasures you will inevitably find in Tassie, from artworks and antiques to wine, spirits, beer and cider. There are no worries about excess luggage fees or rough handling.

While quarantine requirements restrict what food can be brought into Tasmania, the only limit on taking the island’s goodness home is how much will fit in your vehicle. With a portable cooler or fridge, you can include perishables like cheese and truffles.

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Photo: Spirit of Tasmania

Travel with ease

Perhaps the greatest advantage of travelling on Spirit of Tasmania is being able to sit back and relax – with plenty of legroom and loads of space to move around. Your holiday begins as soon as you board. Enjoy a meal, drinks and live music, or watch movies in one of two cinemas. Soak up panoramic views, from Geelong’s skyline to the first sight of Tassie on the horizon, and let the kids loose in the play area or game zone. You can even get advice, brochures, fishing permits and national parks passes from the tourism hub.

For night sailings choose from comfortable recliners and a range of private cabins with ensuite bathrooms. Spirit offers accessible recliners and cabins for passengers with reduced mobility, whose journey is made easier with everything from elevators to flat, uncluttered decks.

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Photo: Spirit of Tasmania

Save more with our best fares

Find the fare that’s right for you, whether it’s a low-season bargain or a four-bed cabin for your crew. Keep an eye on our specials.

Find out more about Spirit of Tasmania's new Victorian home, Spirit of Tasmania Quay.


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